When placing this item on any fruit, other fruits of the same type on the whole map will be destroyed along with it. You can also use this item by reversing its position with the fruit you want to destroy if it is already on the map.
This diamond will help you to purchase items in the game. You have to get us through us through screen or at the receptors, bonus draw.
Boom! an area around that will explode when you activate it. You can set it for immediate activation or move it to activate. Let's blow everything up!
This item is activated at the top of the screen if you use it. It will help you get more of the props in the stage where you use it.
Piercing just like its shape, this item will help you pierce all your fruit rows horizontally and vertically with the blast point as the point you set or the point you move it to.
You will lose 1 heart each time you lose once. When it reachs 0, you cannot continue playing and have to wait for the replay.
This item has no direct impact on the fruit map, it will give you an extra 2 turns of play in the game. Use it when your level turn is running low.


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